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Best Money Decisions I

Optimising the Portfolio and Pensions

There are three simple ways to improve the return on our investments. The first way is to reduce charges, and this is effective because as the UK's financial regulator says, "past performance is no guide to future performance", or to put it another way:- "it's unreasonable to assume you can choose a fund/asset manager who is going to out-perform the market". Since we are all most likely to get the average performance of the markets we invest in, it makes sense to reduce the charges we pay to do that because we give up nothing and keep more.
The second way to improve performance is to invest where the growth is happening in the world - and those areas are no longer the share markets that everybody used to think were the best places to invest. It has already changed, and you may think after reading this book that you need to change too if you're going to catch the future growth in some world markets.
The third way to improve performance is to reduce tax, and there are several ways to achieve that which the book covers both from the perspective of a UK taxpayer and from a global investor's viewpoint.
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Best Money Decisions II

Achieving the Lifestyle

The second book in this series provides guidance on how to achieve life of financial independence by focussing on four more areas - cash management, creating capital through business development and sale, global tax reduction and risk mitigation. We include a selection of countries to retire to, a business transition plan, and delve into the psychological games we play when we balance how much or our resources and earnings to use to spend more now, and how to use to help us spend more later. With increased taxes becoming the norm in the world in the next 20 years, a little thought now will make your financial independence all the easier to achieve and keep.
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Wealth Management - and other financial service designs

This eBook explains how wealth management differs from 'DIY' investing; investing through private banks or stockbrokers; and the service offered by IFAs. All these service designs have a place, and we do not comment on which is better. We show how each has fared during and since the financial market crisis of 2008, and present a simple way of choosing the service design that best suits you.


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